Shrewsbury brand is a World Class breakthrough

“We all love it. The look, how it captures the fact we are a town school, unpretentious.... Well done!”


From September 2021, our Junior and Senior schools will be reuniting on our historic senior school Town Walls site in the heart of Shrewsbury, bringing all our pupils together on one supersite to create ​the ​only​ cohesive, all-through all-girls educational offering in the heart of Shrewsbury.

We need a compelling new creative platform with a fresh look showcasing the energy of the new school, that can work for the whole school but initially focus on junior recruitment. A clear, single minded brand proposition which captures the hearts and minds of potential parents, with an accompanying messaging framework is required.


Fundamentally it was important to immediately communicate that Shrewsbury High School is the one and only school in Shrewsbury providing an all-girls education, at both Junior and Senior Level, through to Sixth Form, all on one site, in the heart of town.

More broadly we needed to position Shrewsbury High as an aspirational, highly desirable all-girls, all-through, first choice, local school with a national reputation.

Educating Girls in Shrewsbury for a World without limits, succinctly sums up in an emotive, engaging way, the key distinct messages. Strong, bold, low-angle images of the girls projects a confident aspirational feel. The addition of the colour coded circle reflects breaking through obstacles and global opportunities.