New brand for brand new school

“We absolutely love it - and the straplines combining the themes from the High School and QEGs are spot on.”


The Wakefield Grammar School Foundation announced the creation of a new co-educational Nursery and Pre-Prep, to be called, Wakefield Grammar Pre Preparatory School. Whilst perfectly descriptive, this nomenclature represented a challenge graphically. The brand needed to be evolutionary and sit comfortably with the Wakefield High and QEGSlook and style. Clear messages positioning the school and reflecting core values were also required.


The long name was broken into three lines, with light and bold fonts highlighting the inevitably more colloquial name for the school. Existing lions, owls and a mulberry tree were explored, with a tree graphic, incorporating the owl, both within a shield shape and larger, in isolation, providing a strong and distinctive marque. Combining colours derived from both schools, complemented by a strong red to add energy, helped create a brand that was particular to the new school that also sits comfortably within the Foundation portfolio.