Outdoor brand campaign puts school in the frame

“… the school is now really getting talked about.”


St Edward’s has been through some challenging times. More recently under the  stewardship of a new head, the school can legitimately lay claim to be a top  independent in Cheltenham, alongside Cheltenham Ladies’College, Cheltenham  College and Dean Close. In fact, St Edward’s is the only independent day school  in Cheltenham and the surrounding area.

There is a lot of very good and interesting news at St Edward’s, reflecting the  school’s current success across the board. This needs to be communicated in a clear, consistent and co-ordinated way. The school should nail its colours to  the mast and shout about its achievements.


A unified strategy, with a consistent look and style across all media channels,  helps ensure that these good news stories are noticed and talked about.  An approach that is friendly and approachable, relating to and engaging with  the audience, reflecting the values of the school, helps break down any  misconceptions. A colloquial message, styled in a vernacular way, has impact,  immediacy and memorability, getting a positive message across and talked about.

Social media is the way most of the audience communicate with each other.  As well as using social, a similar styling is used across all other media channels, becoming relatable and distinctive, particularly taken out of context. Using a speech  bubble styling, reversed white out of a strong graphic image, in a linear way in print,  on billboards, banners, buses etc has immediacy and impact.