A lifestyle brand with attitude

“Eight year’s in gestation, I was never quite able to articulate or even imagine what this might look like. You have somehow managed to get it out of my head and it is absolutely spot on. Brilliant!”


Nous sommes l’ambiance. Roughly translated; We are the atmosphere. A new lifestyle brand aimed at free spirited, high energy, adventurous under 35’s, living life to the full, en piste, on the water, on track and in the air. Venues, clothing and accessories will ultimately carry the brand, which needed to be cool, aspirational, flexible and slightly ethereal.


Unashamedly current and on trend, the dynamic, spontaneous and immediate logo type perfectly captures the spirit of the brand. Single colour, predominantly white, the ‘transparent’ script provides the opportunity for the background to shine through. Applied to quality t-shirts and stickers, a real buzz will built in the right circles bolstered by influenced social media and a strong web presence.