New brand reflects the best of both worlds

“Paul and Emma have achieved the impossible… we have a brand that we’re proud of, embodying both our unique history and our future, that shall stand the test of time forever more.”


With an illustrious past and a less than certain future, St Bees School on the Cumbrian coast was acquired, to be re launched with a fusion curriculum, combining the best of an Eastern and a Western education.

A proud history and splendid buildings and campus, needed to be preserved and promoted, alongside a modern, progressive, dynamic approach to education. It was essential the the school differentiated itself and immediately communicated what it now represented and where it was going. A refreshed brand was needed.


Each of our branding projects begin with an in depth discovery phase with focus group discussions with representatives from a full range of constituents. St Bees was however unique in this respect. As an embryonic school, we were able to hold discussions with almost every single member of the community!

The complete understanding gained as a result of this, accurately informed the direction of the new brand, ensuring that it perfectly reflected the ethos, culture, vision, character and values of the school. The new look and style has been applied to all marketing and communication material.

Visit their new website here.

“Paul and Emma were simply beyond phenomenal. Our brief was no mean feat…we needed a new brand that combined what appeared to be the impossible. How does one create a brand that embodies the history of a 436+ year old school, that has recently undergone a change of ownership and proclaims itself as modern, forward-thinking and revolutionary? Yet Paul and Emma excelled themselves and have left us with a strong, modern yet historic sense of brand which we are proud of. Their ideas, vision, and tireless work on this project saw them go above and beyond expectation.”

Ceara Hayden – Head of Marketing and Admissions