Prospectus brought to life through film

“It could be said that we were taking a risk with our current approach to the prospectus design question. But we felt confident with Kilvington's knowledge and understanding of the school.” Godolphin & Latymer.


“We’re running out of our wonderful ‘A Life in a Day of Seven Dolphins’ prospectuses you designed and are not sure whether we need a new one, or indeed if we can better it. Do we need a prospectus at all? The case study approach has been very well received. Girls like to see what goes on here. Please can you come in to discuss?”


We expanded the prospectus approach into film created by the girls themselves, communicating key messages in an entertaining and engaging way. ‘A Year in the Making’ is a prospectus and school brand come to life. A powerful marketing tool for the school and a memorable souvenir. Whether you’re looking for great fund raising ideas, fresh prospectus design, a new school website design or brand, please get in touch.

Godolphin And Latymer School fundraiser film brand logo redGodolphin And Latymer School fundraiser logo speech bubbleGoldolphin And Latymer film prospectus hand drawn fontGodolphin And Latymer School perforated tear-away fundraiser prospectusGodolphin And Latymer School film clapper fundraiser prospectusGodolphin And Latymer School clapper film prospectus pack pileGoldolphin And Latymer School film fundraiser prospectus spreadGoldolphin And Latymer School fundraiser prospectus pack layoutGodolphin And Latymer School fundraiser film poster layout and prospectusGodolphin And Latymer School fundraiser film photography