New brand identity repositions Colston's

"Thank you. You have transformed the way the school is perceived through a real ability to see beyond the chaos to what could be, in an imaginative and articulate way. Your unparalleled support and encouragement is very much appreciated."


“Help! We’ve been trying to come up with a new logo to help reposition the school under new leadership but are struggling. Can you help focus and clarify our positioning and values and point us in the right direction. And we need to sort the website and produce a new prospectus!”


Any new brand has to come from within. And you need to win hearts and minds. Both of these can be achieved by talking and listening to representatives of all key constituent groups and stakeholders. Results from focus groups not only informed the re-branding process but helped the new head to begin to realise his vision. A complete new look and style, defined in a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, provided the platform for refreshing the site and distinctive new prospectus, signing, advertising and even the Head’s study and reception area.