School Fundraising for new Sports Centre

"The whole school fundraising ‘join in’ concept has worked so well and helped to provide real cohesion between the different parts of the campaign, as well as creating a very strong brand image. And the brochure has been very well received."


We want something really different to support our campaign, reflecting our brand and all the marketing material you have developed. It must appeal to everyone and echo our sport for all policy. Nothing to expensive, there’s a limited budget and we don’t want to create the wrong impression anyway. We want to really engage with our audience and stand out.


The ‘join in’ school fundraising campaign engaged with people in a surprisingly simple but effective way. The theme was used on an informative, soft sell brochure/mailer. Included in the brochure was a theme branded pencil encouraging the recipient to join in the fun! A highly effective and memorable fundraising campaign that combined wit with perfect brand positioning.

Godolphin And Latymer School Fundraiser brand logoGodolphin and Latymer School join in fundraiser brand logo and pencilGodolphin And Latymer School branded fundraiser pencilGodolphin And Latymer School fundraiser form with pencilGodolphin And Latymer School join in fundraiser form backGodolphin and Latymer School join in the dots fundraiser print logoGodolphin And Latymer School fundriaser shuttlecock join in the dots designGodolphin And Latymer School fundraiser perforated tear-away form