What's the big idea?

The next time your design agency come in with some beautiful, stylish visuals ask them this simple question. If they’ve done their homework properly they will have an immediate response, referring to what makes your school truly distinctive. If they waffle on about current trends and cool colours, it’s back to the drawing board for some serious thinking.

Great ideas stem from a true understanding of what needs to be communicated and to whom. And a great idea, built on a firm foundation often leads to great, and effective design.

Abbot’s Hill, a successful, nurturing and supportive school for girls, with a new Nursery called Tiny Toes, needed a new prospectus and film to develop its brand. All was summed up in one line – Every Step of the Way. Simple, immediate, eloquent and spot on brand.

This lead to a distinctive and evocative creative treatment, a million miles from a standard prospectus, with an engaging and emotive film, streamed onto the website.

The response, “we absolutely love it”. “who came up with that idea? – it’s perfect”. And Open Day numbers sky high.

Understanding + insight + innovation = results.

To read more about the Abbot’s Hill project and to view the video, click here